Declaration of Performance

For CE Marked Products

Under the EU Construction Products Regulations, a single axis hinge for hanging a fire or escape doorset must be CE Marked. These hinges fall under the harmonized European Standard BS EN 1935 : 2002 and the CE Mark shows that the manufacturer or importer of the product has obtained a licence to place it on the market.
A Declaration of Performance (DOP) which declares what criteria were met to obtain the CE Mark must be available for every CE Marked product. On this page, you can find Nico’s DOP’s using the following resources list. Please click on the relevant hinge to view its certificate.
IMPORTANT . Nico’s new 2021 CE marking certificates are issued from Element Materials Technology Rotterdam BV. This will ensure continuity for the ongoing CE marking of our products for placing on the EU market. Goods with our earlier CE marking which were ready to place on the market before 1 January 2021 will be supplied until depletion or 31 December 2021.