Quality UK Manufactured Product

Fast turnaround times and great responsiveness

Quick reactions to unpredictable and unforeseen demands

Making product in our own factory gives NiCo control of all aspects of our operation and means we supply our customers on time. With a reliable and skilled workforce we have the flexibility to adapt to our customers needs and we operate with the highest professional standards.

From the design and tooling stage we are in control of scheduling, manufacture, assembly, plating and packaging. From small benefits such as customised labelling to building long lasting relationships with customers and manufacturing to their individual requirements, having our own production facility ensures reliability and consistency.

Our capabilities include

  • Blanking Presses – presses with capacity ranges from 6 tonnes to 150 tonnes, allowing the pressing of a range of materials from 1mm mild steel to 3mm stainless steel.
  • Plastic Injection Moulding Machines – producing component parts for final assemblies and completed mouldings to customer specifications.
  • Die Casting – Frech DAW machines produce component parts and a range of ancillary products.
  • Presses – In secondary operation departments presses with a capacity range from 6 tonnes to 80 tonnes undertake forming processes.
  • Assembly – Be it for traditional hinges, friction hinges with rivet assembly, or locking mechanisms, we have a varied range of spinners, small presses and rivet machines able to respond to customer demand on a daily basis.
  • Plating – In house plating lines allow us to barrel plate zinc, brass and nickel and VAT plate zinc and brass. Nico’s Supercoat 500 is a particularly popular option.
  • Packaging – Our packaging department provides boxing which is safe and easy to handle, with a range of labelling options.
  • ISO 9001 Quality Systems – The world’s most recognised quality management standard operates throughout the production cycle and helps deliver excellence and reassurance.