Quality Policy

It’s Nico’s policy to manufacture and supply products that will fully meet our customers’ needs and expectations in terms of quality, reliability and service. Our rigorous quality assurance procedures mean that:

  • Customers receive the same high quality products on every order
  • There is full traceability and certification for products
  • Continuous improvement and development of products and procedures can take place
  • Continued competitiveness takes place through the elimination of waste and the streamlining of operations.

Our objective is to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. To meet this objective we’ve established and implemented a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of BS EN 1S0 9001 : 2015. Planned audits combined with process measurement and analysis are used to ensure the continuous improvement and effectiveness of the Quality Management System. The system is defined by the Quality Manual, Process Charts and Procedures.

Although Departmental Managers are responsible for developing, maintaining and improving quality every employee has responsibility for the quality of the work they undertake and for reporting problems. Everyone is encouraged to put forward suggestions for improvements to the products or process and to ask for assistance if in doubt. Our aim for achieving quality is to prevent problems rather than correct them after they occur.

We are independently audited and assessed by the British Standards Institute and Warrington Fire so our customers can be assured that the product they receive is the approved, quality item they ordered.