Customer Focused Product Development

Cooperation and advice adding real value to relationships

Dynamic in-house design, sampling and testing achieving superb results

Providing Solutions

At NiCo we’re very proud of the extensive range of products we design and manufacture in the UK. More than this, we provide our customers with a service they can rely on. Because all our design and development is done entirely in-house we present the customised, flexible and tailored products our customers want. We are recognised as industry leaders in the knowledge and skills we offer.

We truly believe that in order to produce quality products attention to detail is critical and key to this is listening to our customers. We work with customers to produce products that are innovative and trouble free, turning initial ideas into practical solutions.

Nico have used and updated modern technology such as 3D computer aided design since the 1990’s. We design not only each individual component of a finished item but also the tooling required for manufacture. Using digital virtual modelling to shorten development time we extensively test all products. Our thorough product testing includes:

  • Virtual product optimisation – computer aided design
  • Prototype testing
  • Off tool type testing
  • Certification testing
  • Rolling Audit testing

As all production tooling is designed and manufactured by Nico we have the flexibility to respond quickly to the changing demands of the market. We are able to maintain excellent product quality by continually investing in additional CNC plant, and by integrating our CAD design software with Computer Aided Manufacturing in the tool room. With engineering at the heart of everything we do our customers feel confident that the Nico products they buy are fit for the job and will perform year after year.