Ingeus is a fitting choice for Nico

Ingeus has swung into action for hinge and fitting manufacturer Nico in Clacton by supporting the recruitment of long-term unemployed people for its production and distribution centre.

For 21-year-old assembly operative Hayley Fuller, it has been a dream come true to land her first ever job. Hayley is one of three young workers to have joined the company under the government’s new Youth Contract, which offers a wage subsidy to employers recruiting long-term unemployed 18 to 24 year-olds.

“I feel good about myself for the first time in a long while,” said Hayley, who received help from Ingeus in developing her CV, confidence and interview skills. She now assembles a wide range of complex window hinges and brackets but feared that her lack of qualifications and experience would deter prospective employers. “I am so glad Ingeus helped me demonstrate the skills I have and that Nico has given me an opportunity to prove myself,” she said.

Nico has recruited six Ingeus clients in total, also including 50-year-old Chris Stringer. Chris was unemployed for 18 months and estimates that he applied for at least 500 jobs before being referred to Ingeus in Clacton. When Ingeus recommended him to Nico, he was given an interview, job offer and start date within three days.

[testimonial]Ingeus helps by understanding our business and only putting forward candidates with the best chance of succeeding.[/testimonial]

For Nico Business Standards Manager Steve Dalton and Ingeus Employer Partnership Coordinator Shayne Pitts, the new recruits are hopefully just the start of an ongoing programme of recruitment. Steve is responsible for the 120-strong team at Nico and feels that as a long-established, privately owned company, it is vital to recruit unemployed and disadvantaged people from the local community.

“Unemployed people, and youngsters especially, are sometimes portrayed negatively but the people I see are really just desperate to work,” said Steve. “I wish I could offer roles to everyone who applies but Ingeus helps by understanding our business and only putting forward candidates with the best chance of succeeding. Our six new Ingeus recruits all have a real determination and motivation to work. This will hopefully be the start of a long-term career for each of them.”

Pictured: (back) Chris Barr, Shayne Pitts, Chris Stringer, Steve Dalton
(front) Anthony Bryan, Hayley Fuller and Paul Storey