In response to customer requests Nico have developed a brand new restrictor to meet the requirements of Health Building Note 00-10 Part D : Windows and associated hardware.

The Healthcare Restrictor is designed to withstand sustained and deliberate attempts to force open windows, and is ideal for applications where restrictors are required to exceed the requirements of BS EN 14351. The test method applied in the current CE Test ( a static load of 350 newtons being applied to a window for 60 seconds ) has been far exceeded, with outstanding results of 1000 newtons for 300 seconds being achieved. The restrictor ensures windows can not be forced beyond a 100mm restriction or alternatively an opening of 89mm to prevent the passage of small children. Generally fastened with security screws to prevent fastener removal, the Healthcare Restrictor has a space saving telescopic design and is a fixed device which cannot be overridden.

Made from Stainless Steel the Healthcare Restrictor is suitable for profiles ranging from 13mm to 17mm and is non handed. Manufactured in Nico’s UK factory, it is available from stock today.