Here is some guidance on locking system maintenance

Initial Installation Checks

The locking systems produced by Nico provide long life service with only minimal maintenance required. On initial installation please ensure the locking system and strikers are free of any obstruction or debris.

Periodic Maintenance

Periodically wipe metalwork clean with a soft cloth, and inspect/maintain locking systems every 5000 cycles. Check the Mushroom Cams and strikers for a build up of debris and clean if necessary. Wipe with a cloth moistened with light machine oil to maintain smooth operation and maintain the product finish.

Cleaners and Detergents

Do not use window cleaning products or any cleaners containing detergents or vinegar on the locking system. These products can potentially harm components.


The eccentric locking cams can be adjusted to restore a perfect weather seal to the window. Using a 3mm Allen key on any cam with a hexagonal socket turn the cam towards the outside of the window to tighten the seal. To loosen the seal turn the cam towards the inside of the window.


D54 Locking system maintenance drawing jpeg


D55 Locking Sysytem Maintenance 2 drawing jpeg