Here is some guidance on how to fit the Nico Telescopic Shootbolt

D193 Telescopic Shootbolt Fitting drawing 1 jpeg

1. Measure the sash rebate size and select the shootbolt to suit. Retract the telescopic bolts and align to a prepared sash (12 x 110mm gearbox slot required). Refer to the handle symbol on the gearbox faceplate and match the shootbolt direction to the locked handle direction.

D194 Telescopic Shootbolt Fitting drawing 2 jpeg

2. With the shootbolt in the locked position lower it into the sash. Use a handle to align the gearbox correctly to the prepared sash. Snap fit the ends of the drive section into the eurogroove as indicated, and fix the drive section using screws.

D195 Telescopic Shootbolt Fitting drawing 3 jpeg

3. With the shootbolt still in the locked position push the telescopic shoots back into the drive section and remove the shoot retaining clips. Fix into position with countersunk headed screws.

D196 Telescopic Shootbolt Fitting drawing 4 jpeg

D197 Telescopic Shootbolt Fitting drawing 5 jpeg

4. Use the identification mark on the bolt to set or adjust it’s throw. This measurement will vary according to individual requirements but is generally 10-13mm.

D198 Telescopic Shootbolt Fittinf drawing 6 jpeg

5. Once the shootbolt throw is set press the toggle down fully to lock the telescopic shoots into position.

D199 Telescopic Shootbolt Fitting drawing 7 jpeg

6. Use the handle to retract the shoots and operate the bolt. The installation of the telescopic shootbolt into the sash is now complete. Fit the keeps to the frame using the index marks on their side as a guide to the locked position of the cams.