Egress Selection Guide

Here is some guidance on how to select the appropriate Nico Egress Friction Hinge

Friction Hinge Stack Height Selection

Nico friction hinges are available in various stack heights. The stack height is dimension ‘A’ in Fig. 1. Examples of 13 mm and 17mm stack heights are below.

Friction Hinge Reach Selection

The position of the friction hinge on the window profile determines which Egress hinge is appropriate. For 12″ (300mm) Egress hinges we make a long ‘REACH’ product which is suitable for all profile positions. For 16″ (400mm) Egress friction hinges we produce two ‘REACH’ variants – LONG REACH AND STANDARD REACH. If dimension ‘B’ in Fig. 1 is 12mm or greater the 16″ Long Reach hinge is required.

D37 Egress Reach dimension drawing jpeg

D35 Hinge Stack Height drawing jpeg