Nico Supercoat 500

Nico Supercoat 500 is an improved sealant process, which improves the corrosion resistance of electroplated deposits.

It is a water-based solution which is applied in our electroplating process plant. Nico Supercoat 500 is only used by approved licensees to ensure proper aplication and performance.

When applied over a zinc plated coating of minimum thickness of 8um, it should achieve or exceed 500 hours to first red corrosion when tested in neutral salt spray to ASTM B117 or BS 7479. The corrosion resistance is maintained even after thermal shock testing.

Nico Supercoat 500 meets or exceeds requirements for the following specifications:

  • BS EN 1670 Class 4
  • Ford ESE-M21P17-A1
  • Ford ESE-M21P17-A2
  • Ford ESE-M21P17-A3
  • GM 4345M 8D 500/96 Silver

A test undertaken on a Nico espagnolette on 20/10/2003 showed the first sign of red dust after 816 hours test conditions to ASTM B117/BS 7479 NSS 5% Neutral Salt Spray.

A copy of the test report is available on request.

Nico Supercoat 600

Nico Supercoat 600 has the same excellent benefits as Supercoat 500, but has a lower coefficient of friction. It is used by Nico where reduced friction is beneficial to the manufacture or operation of the finished product.