Technical Glossary

Air Gap
The distance between the sash and the frame (Also: Cavity/Rebate).
Ball Bearing/Ball Race Hinges
Hinges which use ball bearings between sections of the hinge knuckle to reduce friction.
The section of a window designed to secure the double glazed unit in place.
Butt Hinge
A hinge of two matching leafs, one recessed into the door and the other into the frame.
Casement Window
An outward opening window.
The distance between the sash and the frame.
Counter Bore
The three stage process of hole punching Nico undertake to ensure accurate hole tolerances.
Dummy Sashes
Windows that don’t open but look the same as those that do, resulting in the sight lines for all windows appearing equal.
The weight and frequency (amount) of use a hinge can be expected to take.
Easy Clean Friction Hinge
A friction hinge which when opened allows the outside of the window to be cleaned from the inside.
Eccentric Mushroom Cams
A mushroom cam which can be rotated off centre to provide compression adjustment within strikers.
Egress Friction Hinge
A Friction Hinge which allows a window to be used as a means of exiting a dwelling.
Espagnolette (Espag)
A fastening device which is fitted to the sash of a window and is operated by a handle. It moves mushroom cams into keeps.
The groove on a window profile in which the hardware is often fitted.
Face Bar/Face Plate
The rigid metal strip part of a locking mechanism.
Fixed Light
A window which doesn’t open.
Flush Hinges
Hinges where both leafs/flaps are screwed directly onto the door and frame and not recessed.
Friction Hinge
A variable geometry hinge which allows the sash of a window to swing into the open position.
Friction Hinge Channel
The part of the friction stay fixed to the window outer frame.
Friction Screw
The screw housed in the friction slide which allows the friction of a hinge to be adjusted.
Friction Slide
The moveable plastic slide sitting in a friction hinge channel and housing the friction screw.
Friction Stay Reach
The suitability of Egress friction hinges for profiles with different hinge fitting positions.
The weather seal on a window.
The material thickness.
The top of a window or door.
Hinge Knuckle
The hollow circular part of a hinge which acts as the joint and revolves around the pin.
Hinge Leaf
The flaps/plates of a hinge which extend from the knuckle and are fixed to the door and frame.
Hinge Pin
The metal rod which sits in the knuckle and holds the two leafs of the hinge together.
Hinge Protector
A two piece device used to provide additional security on a window. Fitted next to a friction hinge one part is fixed to the sash and one part to the frame. The two parts engage in the event of an attack on the window.
Hinge Roll
The outline form of the hinge.
Hinge Tip
The head of the hinge pin.
Inset Locker Doors
Doors which sit flush within the frame/carcass of a locker body.
The vertical part of a frame.
Keep (Striker)
A fitting (generally on the frame) which receives the fastening components of locking hardware.
Low Friction Bearings
A method of minimising friction between hinge knuckles.
The vertical sections of a window between glazed areas.
Mushroom Cam
The mushroom shaped projecting part of a locking device designed to make sliding contact with a keep/striker.
Night Vent Position
A position in which a window is fastened slightly ajar.
Nose Bar
The bar on a friction hinge which is secured to the sash.
Nose Cap
The cap on the friction stay channel which accepts the nose bar and provides a sealing action.
Offset Leaf
Door hinges where the hinge door and frame leafs are not a mirror image.
Over Rebate
The section of the sash which overlaps the frame.
Plain Bearing Hinges
Hinges which have metal to metal contact between each section of the hinge knuckle.
Plant On Locker Doors
Doors which are surface mounted onto a locker frame/carcass.
The window frame itself, the outer material (aluminium, PVC, timber, metal).
The distance between the sash and the frame.
Restrictor Device
A device to initially limit the opening of a window (to less than 100mm).
Run Up Block
A device fitted within the frame rebate and designed to aid the positioning of the sash and act as an anti lift block to assist security.
The opening section of a window.
Shootbolt Espagnolette
An espagnolette with retractable shootbolts which engage when locked.
Stormproof Hinges
Hinges designed to suit windows with an over rebate.
Striker (Keep)
A fitting which accepts the fastening components of locking hardware.
Symmetrical Leaf Hinges
Door hinges where the hinge door and frame leafs are a mirror image.
The opening section of a window.
Weather Seal
The component that provides a watertight seal between sash and frame.