SG Slave Door Lock

The SG Slave Door Lock is is a simple and adaptable drive mechanism which removes the need for a cylinder and face fixed door handle for operation. It works in the cavity between the slave door and the flying mullion and is an economic and functional equivalent to traditional slave door locks.

A 4mm hexagonal drive handle operates over 180 degrees to provide a smooth action. It is attached to the flying mullion and is fully concealed when the door is closed. The 2 piece drive gear is compatible with many existing, readily available shootbolts and allows up to 15mm of travel for security. The drive gear is non handed and croppable, meaning the handle can be ideally positioned for accessibility.

Features & Benefits

  • Removes the need for a cylinder and face fixed handle on slave doors
  • Fully concealed security solution
  • Fewer visible attack points
  • Slimline gearbox
  • 2 piece croppable mechanism with a 940mm drive section and 1175mm extension
  • Suitable for door sizes from 1820mm to 2380mm
  • Compatible with common shootbolts ( and keeps )
  • Handle can be positioned for easy accessibility
  • Low gear 180 degree operation of handle provides a smooth action
  • Up to 15mm of travel for shootbolts

Testing & Technical

  • Made in Britain to an ISO 9001 Quality System
  • Supercoat corrosion tested to BS EN1670 Grade 5: 480 hours

SG Slave Door Lock and Handle

Part No
Box Qty
99500 SG Drive Gear 2 Pieces 10
99626 Concealed Handle 10