Triple Lock Flush Shootbolt System

Triple Lock shootbolt extensions provide high performance security locking for flush windows. The triple lock design allows a night vent facility and easily meets the requirements of PAS24 as a critical component. It is Secured By Design approved and rigorously tested to ensure smooth operation and a long reliable life.

Features & Benefits

  • Night Vent shootbolt solution for flush fit windows
  • Rigorously tested ( see related downloads on this page )
  • Shootbolts and cam on the extensions travel towards the vulnerable corners of the window
  • Compatible with Nico MK2 Gearbox with central cam
  • Adjustable cams ( +/- 1mm ) allow weatherseal compression
  • Enhanced security as a result of profile specific solid zinc keeps
  • Exceptional resistance to corrosion achieved by Supercoat finish
  • Strong. smooth and reliable gearbox gives long life performance
  • Extensions are handed left and right
  • 10 year mechanical guarantee

Testing & Technical

  • Made in Britain to an ISO 9001 Quality System
  • Successfully security tested as a critical component within PAS 24 : 2016
  • Secured By Design approved as a Police Preferred Specification
  • Successfully tested to BS EN 1670 Grade 5 ( 480 hours ) corrosion resistance
  • Successfully tested to BS EN 13126-4 for durability, strength and function
  • Successfully cycle tested as a critical component within BS EN 6375 Pt 2 ( Resistance to repeated opening and closing )
  • Successfully weather tested as a critical component within BS EN 6375 Pt 1 ( Air, wind and water testing )

The MK 2 Shootbolt has been endurance tested to 3 times the British Standard requirement.

Technical Data

The Triple Lock and MK 2 shootbolt gearbox is fast and easy to fit in a standard eurogroove. It features a 22mm Gearbox and eccentric 9mm cams. The cams allow weatherseal pressure adjustment of +/- 1mm.

Fitting instructions are provided on the Nico Triple Lock pdf in related downloads

Triple Lock Extensions for Nico Mk2 Gearbox

Pt No Right
Pt No Left
Rebate Size (set)
Box Qty
Extension 2 93825TL 93825TR 460-800mm 40
Extension 3 93835TL 93835TR 800-1100mm 40
Extension 4 93845TL 93845TR 1100-1400mm 40

Nico Mk2 Gearbox

Part No
Box Qty
MK 2 G/Box Shallow 93805 22mm 40
MK 2 G/Box Deep 93805D 22mm 40