Cranked Hinge – 9.5mm

An ideal hinge for use on small occasional furniture.

Features & Benefits

  • Made in Britain
  • Quality Materials
  • Choice of finishes

These hinges are supplied dry in order to ease handling and prevent the transfer of oily marks. They will benefit from careful lubrication after installation, and occasional periodic lubrication as required.

9.5mm (⅜”)
Length 50mm
Cranked 9.5mm
Thickness 1.2mm
Screw Holes 4
Screw Size 4
Bulk Packed 500
Electro-Brassed 2950 0 22 02
Florentine Bronzed TEL:2950 0 22 03
Zinc-Plated TEL:2950 0 22 04
Bright Nickel TEL:2950 0 22 15
Duty Light
Max. Load (2 hinges fitted) 7kg
Max. Load (3 hinged fitted) 10kg
Material Mild Steel

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