Double Cranked Hinge

The 4100 Nico Double Cranked Hinge allows doors to open past 180 degrees, giving wider door opening apertures and easier access to wardrobes and cupboards.

Features & Benefits

  • Made In Britain
  • Quality Materials
  • Choice of Finishes

These hinges are supplied dry in order to ease handling and prevent the transfer of oily marks. Hinges should be lubricated with a light machine oil immediately after installation, and period lubrication should be conducted as required (minimum every 25,000 cycles).

16mm (⅝”)
Length 50mm
Cranked 16mm
Thickness 2.0mm
Screw Holes 8
Screw Size 4
Bulk Packed 250
Electro-Brassed 4100 0 22 02
Zinc Plated 4100 0 22 04
Duty Medium
Max. load (2 hinges fitted) 11.5kg
Max. load (3 hinges fitted) 17.5kg
Material Mild Steel