Security Plus Friction Hinge

The Nico Security Plus Hinge features a unique patented design for added strength, with a hooked nose bar and free moving nose cap that are designed to lock together when forced entry is attempted.

As a result, the Security Plus Friction Hinge is the fast, easy way to provide added security to PVC-U, timber or aluminium windows.

The Security Plus Hinge exceeds the requirements of PAS 24 2016 for Windows with Enhanced Security ( if required with the assistance of Nico Xtra Bolts ). It has also been endurance tested to 30,000 cycles in the Nico test centre.

Features & Benefits

  • Made in Britain
  • Secured By Design Approved
  • Successfully tested as a critical component within PAS024:2016
  • Patented Design

Technical Data

Designed after extensive research and development, the Nico Security Plus Hinge combines fabricator-friendly design with strength and value.

With no need for jigs or additional, time-consuming operations, the Hinge is as easy and fast to fit as a standard friction Hinge. The nose cap requires no fixing and there are no exposed holes after fitting.

The Security Plus Hinge is available in a range of sizes, from 200mm to 600mm for top hung windows, 300mm and 400mm for side hung windows.

13mm and 17mm stack heights suit most profiles. Slotted fixing holes in base channel and sash bar with final fixing hole in each component to provide maximum sash/frame adjustment.

200mm (8″)
250mm (10″)
300mm (12″)
300mm (12″)
Vent Type Top Hung Top Hung Top Hung Side Hung
Max. Vent Width n/a n/a n/a 600mm
Max. Vent Height 350mm 450mm 550mm n/a
Max. Vent Weight 12kg 16kg 22kg 22kg
Opening Angle 60° 65° 60° 60°
Bulk Packed 20 40 40 40
Order No. 13mm LH 8010L 8020L 8035L 8035L
Order No. 13mm RH 8010R 8020R 8035R 8035R
Order No. 17mm LH 8110L 8120L 8135L 8135L
Order No. 17mm RH 8110R 8120R 8135R 8135R
400mm (16″)
400mm (16″)
500mm (20″)
600mm (24″)
Vent Type Top Hung Side Hung Top Hung Top Hung
Max. Vent Width n/a 700mm 1000mm 1200mm
Max. Vent Height 750mm n/a 1000mm 1300mm
Max. Vent Weight 26kg 26kg 28kg 40kg
Opening Angle 60° 60° 52° 38°
Bulk Packed 40 40 20 20
Order No. 13mm LH 8045L 8040L 8050L 8060L
Order No. 13mm RH 8045R 8040R 8050R 8060R
Order No. 17mm LH 8145L 8140L 8150L 8160L
Order No. 17mm RH 8145R 8140R 8150R 8160R