Egress Only Friction Hinge

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The Nico Egress Only Hinge offers a great solution to the problem of emergency egress. It opens straight to the egress position and allows safe exit in the event of an emergency. It has no awkward buttons or catches, and is ideal for side hung windows when easy clean is not a requirement.

Features & Benefits

  • Made in Britain
  • Secured By Design Approved
  • Successfully tested as a critical component within PAS024 : 2016
  • Complies with Building Regulations Part B: 2013 for Fire Escape
  • Complies with BS 9991:2011 for Fire Escape
  • Safe and simple for fast escape

Technical Data

The Nico Egress Only Hinge is manufactured in stainless steel and offers excellent load bearing characteristics. It is available in 12″, 14″ and 16″ side hung variants. Slotted fixing holes in the base channel and sash bar, with a final fixing hole in each component, provide maximum sash/frame adjustment. The all metal end-cap is riveted on to the hinge for extra strength and rivet holes are counterbored in a 3 stage manufacturing process. This means parts are manufactured to tight tolerances and ensures reliable operation of the finished hinges.The friction slide is made from high strength glass reinforced nylon with an adjustable resistance screw to regulate friction

All hinges have been endurance tested with their maximum load carrying capacity to 30,000 cycles in Nico’s Test Centre.

Standard Reach and Long Reach

The location of the friction stay on the profile plays an important role in which product should be used. Nico produce two variants of the 16″ Egress Only Hinge which suit different profile styles, and the Egress Selection Guide can be used to determine which is the right stay for you.

300mm (12″)
350mm (14″)
400mm (16″)
Vent Type Side Hung Side Hung Side Hung
Max. Vent Width 600mm 600mm 700mm
Max. Vent Weight 22kg 18kg 26kg
Opening Angle 85° 90° 90°

13mm Stack Height

300mm (12″)
350mm (14″)
400mm (16″)
Bulk Packed 50 each hand 50 each hand 50 each hand
Part No. Left Hand 8634L 8638L 90 8641L
Part No. Right Hand 8634R 8638R 90 8641L

17mm Stack Height

300mm (12″)
350mm (14″)
400mm (16″)
Bulk Packed 40 each hand 50 each hand 50 each hand
Part No. L/H Standard 8636L 8738L 90 8646L
Part No. R/H Standard 8636R 8738R 90 8646R
Part No. L/H Long Reach N/A N/A 8657L
Part No. R/H Long Reach N/A N/A 8657R