Offset Multilock security espagnolette

Low Handle Height – High Security

The Offset MultiLock is an ideal solution for low handle height high security locking, with no cropping of bars required. It combines simple and easy to fit locking with a low handle position, which can help satisfy the requirements of standards such as ‘Lifetime Homes’.

The Nico MultiLock is a high performance Security Locking System that is exceptionally strong and very easy to fit. The innovative, patented twin cam design will easily achieve the PAS24 2012 Security Standard on most PVC-U and aluminium window profiles.

A quality build and robust profile-specific keeps combine to ensure a long reliable life and light, smooth closing action. Plus, the attractive Supercoat 500 silver finish provides excellent corrosion protection.

  • Made in Britain
  • Secured By Design Approved
  • Successfully tested as a critical component within PAS024 : 2016
  • Supercoat 500 finish for excellent corrosion resistance
  • Patented Design

Offset MultiLock

7.8mm Part No.
9mm Part No.
TEL:918820S5OS TEL:919820S5OS Multilock 20mm B/set S500 750mm 20
TEL:9181020S5OS TEL:9191020S5OS Multilock 20mm B/set S500 950mm 20
TEL:9181220S5OS TEL:9191220S5OS Multilock 20mm B/set S500 1150mm 20
TEL:918822S5OS TEL:919822S5OS Multilock 22mm B/set S500 750mm 20
TEL:9181022S5OS TEL:9191022S5OS Multilock 22mm B/set S500 950mm 20
TEL:9181222S5OS TEL:9191222S5OS Multilock 22mm B/set S500 1150mm 20

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