Ram Bolt Bi-Directional security espagnolette

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The RAM Bolt is a reverse action multipoint locking system with bi-directional cams that offers excellent strength and performance. It is easy to fit and will achieve PAS024 on most window systems. Like the rest of the Locking System Range the quality build and robust profile specific keeps combine to ensure long reliable life and a smooth closing action.

  • Made in Britain
  • Secured By Design Approved
  • Successfully tested as a critical component within PAS024 : 2016
  • Bi Directional Locking
  • Supercoat 500 finish for excellent corrosion resistance
  • Adjustable Weatherseal Compression

Technical Data

The RAM Bolt is fast and easy to fit in a standard eurogroove, and for fabricator convenience it uses the same routing preparation as Nico Espags and Shootbolts. It features a 20mm or 22mm Gearbox and eccentric cams of 7.8mm or 9mm. The cams allow weatherseal pressure adjustment of +/- 1mm. Heavy guage materials and fixing points protect against attack.

The RAM Bolt has been endurance tested to 30,000 cycles in Nico’s Test Centre.

Fitting Instructions

Select a RAM Bolt of an appropriate length and backset.

Mark the desired centre for the handle mechanism, machine a slot in the centre of the Eurogroove 12mm (10.5mm min) x 90mm long.

Drill a 12mm hole on the above centre line, 22mm back on the front face of the RAM Bolt. Also drill two 10mm holes 21.5mm either side of the centre hole. (Note: these hole sizes may vary).

Secure the RAM Bolt in the sash ensuring that the handle driving mechanism is aligned with the handle mounting holes.

Set the RAM Bolt in an unlocked position and locate the keeps in the frame to clear the locking cams.

Check that the locking cams are fully engaged with the keeps when the RAM Bolt is locked.

Secure keeps to frame and adjust eccentric cams if necessary.

Part No. 7.8 Cams
Part No. 9.0 Cams
Number of Cams
Box Quantity
420mm RAM Bolt 22mm 958422 959422 4 20
550mm RAM Bolt 22mm 958622 959622 4 20
750mm RAM Bolt 22mm 958822 959822 4 20
950mm RAM Bolt 22mm 9581022 9591022 5 20
1150mm RAM Bolt 22mm 9581222 9591222 5 20