Nico Standard Restrictor Hinge

The Nico Standard Restrictor Friction Hinge is a simple and effective way to restrict the initial opening of a window to a maximum of 100mm, in accordance with BS8213-1:2004. It is able to withstand the load bearing forces required in BS EN 14351 and BS6375-2. The unobtrusive mechanism, which is integral to the hinge and designed to be less tempting to children, requires a level of dexterity to operate and two hands are required to coordinate opening, giving added protection. An automatic reset facility ensures safe operation at all times.

Features & Benefits

  • Rigorously tested ( see related downloads on this page )
  • Restricts initial window opening to 100mm
  • Child resistant button release for full window opening
  • Automatic reset of restrictor on closing
  • Withstands forces required for child safety
  • 12″ and 16″ hinges suitable for both top hung and side hung applications
  • Stainless Steel riveted nose cap for strength and reliability
  • 3 stage counterbore process for improved resistance to wear
  • Glass reinforced nylon slide eliminating breaking and wear
  • 4.8mm Stainless Steel rivets for improved load carrying
  • Stainless construction for exceptional corrosion resistance
  • Brass adjustment screw for adjustable friction
  • 10 year mechanical guarantee

Testing & Technical

  • Made in Britain to an ISO 9001 Quality System
  • Meets the requirements of BS EN14351 Load Bearing Capacity of Safety Devices
  • Complies with BS 6375 – 2:2009 Operation and strength characteristics
  • Successfully security tested with Nico Xtra Bolts as a critical component within PAS 24 : 2016
  • Secured By Design Approved as a Police Preferred Specification
  • Successfully cycle tested as a critical component within BS EN 6375 Pt 2 ( Resistance to repeated opening and closing )
  • Successfully weather tested as a critical component within BS EN 6375 Pt 1 ( Air, wind and water testing )
  • Can comply with BS8213-1:2004 for Easy Cleaning when fully open ( size and profile dependent )

Nico hinges have been endurance tested with their maximum load carrying capacity to 3 times the British Standard requirement.

Technical Data

The Restrictor Friction Hinge is manufactured in stainless steel and offers excellent load bearing characteristics. As part of the Nico Standard Hinge family it has identical geometry to standard Nico friction hinges allowing it to be fitted in conjunction with them if appropriate. It is available in 13mm non handed and 17mm handed stack heights.

It is recommended that fabricators check all restricted openings to ensure they comply with Building Regulations, as profile variations may affect 100 mm opening.

Fitting instructions for Nico Standard Restrictor Hinges are provided in the Restrictor Friction Hinges pdf and the Friction Hinge Fitting Guide link in related downloads.

  • PLEASE NOTE : 12″ and 16″ Friction Hinges work on both top and side hung windows but rebate sizes do vary according to window style
  • Size
    300mm (12″)
    400mm (16″)
    500mm (20″)
    600mm (24″)
    300mm (12″)
    400mm (16″)
    Vent Type Top Hung Top Hung Top Hung Top Hung Side Hung Side Hung
    Max. Vent Height 550mm 750mm 1000mm 1200mm n/a n/a
    Max. Vent Width n/a n/a n/a n/a 600mm 700mm
    Max. Vent Weight 22kg 26kg 28kg 40kg 22kg 26kg
    Opening Angle 60° 60° 52° 38° 60° 60°

    13mm Range Part Numbers

    300mm (12″)
    400mm (16″)
    500mm (20″)
    600mm (24″)
    Bulk Packed 50 50 25 25
    Order No. 7935 7940 7950 7960

    17mm Range Part Numbers

    300mm (12″)
    400mm (16″)
    500mm (20″)
    600mm (24″)
    Bulk Packed 50 50 25 25
    Order No. L/H 8335L 8340L 8350L 8360L
    Order No. R/H 8335R 8340R 8350R 8360R