MK2 Shootbolt

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The MK2 Shootbolt Locking System is designed for strength and reliability. It is built to the most exacting standards to provide an effective, secure locking system and a smooth closing action. Steel strikers lock into robust profile specific keeps, with mushroom cams providing additional strength and weatherseal compression adjustment. Hugely versatile, it can be used for low handle height applications and a range of French Window designs.

  • Made in Britain
  • Secured By Design Approved
  • Successfully tested as a critical component within PAS024 : 2016
  • Supercoat 500 finish for excellent corrosion resistance
  • Adjustable Weatherseal Compression

Technical Data

The MK 2 Shootbolt is fast and easy to fit in a standard eurogroove. It features a 22mm Gearbox and eccentric cams of 7.8mm or 9mm. The cams allow weatherseal pressure adjustment of +/- 1mm. A range of extensions (detailed on the Shootbolt Extensions page) make the shootbolt suitable for a wide range of window applications.

Fitting Instructions

Fit the gearbox to a prepared sash (12 x 110mm slot). Refer to the handle symbol on the gearbox faceplate to determine the correct handle locked position direction.

Mark extensions for cropping using the Index marks on the gearbox faceplate.

Crop the extensions to length.

Fit the teeth of the extension into the gearbox coupler (under the faceplate), slide the cover under the gearbox faceplate and insert screws.

Fit the keeps using the Index marks on the sides of the keeps as a guide to the cams locked position.

Box Qty
Sash Size
Part No. 7.8 Cam
Part No. 9.0 Cam
Gearbox 22mm 20 93805 93905
Gearbox 30mm 20 TBC TBC
Gearbox 35mm 20 TBC TBC
Extension 1 40 330-460mm 93815 93815
Extension 2 40 460-800mm 93825 93925
Extension 3 40 800-1100mm 93835 93935
Extension 4 40 1100-1400mm 93845 93945
Extension 7 20 1400-1700mm TEL: 93875 TEL: 93975
Extension 8 20 Offset Application TEL: 93885 TEL: 93985
Extension 9 20 Offset Application TEL: 93895 TEL: 93995

TEL: Products indicated with the Telephone Symbol are available to order only. Please ring for details and lead times.

Sash Size
Ext. 1: 330-460mm 2 2 2 1
Ext. 2: 460-800mm 2 2 4 3
Ext. 3: 800-1100mm 2 2 4 3
Ext. 4: 1100-1400mm 2 2 4 3
Ext. 7: 1400-1700mm 2 2 6 5
Ext. 8: Offset Application 2 2 6 5
Ext. 9: Offset Application 2 2 6 5

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