Wrap Around Gearing

Nico Wrap Around Gear is fast and easy to use, providing additional mushroom cam locking points for windows. It connects to Nico Mk1 gearboxes, and has a 400mm return round the corner of the sash rebate and gives an extra locking point. It does not require any routing of the corner with a standard eurogroove, and gives extra window compression when a night vent facility is not required.

Features & Benefits

  • Rigorously tested ( see related downloads on this page )
  • Provides additional compression points on a window
  • Exceptional resistance to corrosion achieved by Supercoat finish
  • Adjustable cams ( +/- 1mm ) allow weatherseal compression
  • Strong. smooth and reliable gearbox gives long life performance
  • 10 year mechanical guarantee

Testing & Technical

  • Made in Britain to an ISO 9001 Quality System
  • Successfully tested to BS EN 1670 Grade 5 ( 480 hours ) corrosion resistance
  • Successfully tested to BS EN 13126-4 for durability, strength and function
  • MK 1 Gearbox successfully cycle tested as a critical component within BS EN 6375 Pt 2 ( Resistance to repeated opening and closing )

The MK 1 Gearbox has been endurance tested to 3 times the British Standard requirement.

Technical Data

Fit the gearbox to a prepared sash with a 12mm x 110mm slot. Refer to the handle symbol on the gearbox faceplate to determine the correct handle locked position direction. Link the Wrap Around Gear using the integral connecting link. Mark the connecting extension using the Index marks on the Gearbox faceplate and then crop the extension. Fit the teeth of the extension into the gearbox coupler ( under the faceplate ), slide the cover under the gearbox faceplate and insert screws. Fit the keeps using the Index marks on the sides of the keeps as a guide to the cams locked position. The eccentric 9mm cams allow weatherseal pressure adjustment of +/- 1mm.

9mm Part No.
94205 Gearbox 20mm B/set NO CAMS 20
94225 Gearbox 22mm B/set NO CAMS 20
93905 Gearbox 22mm B/set WITH 2 CAMS 20
TEL:94355 Gearbox 35mm B/set WITH NO CAMS 20
TEL:939W245 Size 2 (360-440) 2 Vertical Cams 20
TEL:939W345 Size 3 (440-740) 1 Horizontal/1 Vertical Cam 20
TEL:939W445 Size 4 (740-1040) 2 Horizontal/1 Vertical Cam 20
TEL:939W545 Size 5 (1040-1340) 2 Horizontal/1 Vertical Cam 20

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